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  As an editor/writer, it is easier to stand in the background. A few years ago, I was honored to be in a three-day, thirty-person mastermind with the renowned and loveable Les Brown. His key message is “Everyone has a … Continue reading

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How often to blog (or… what am I getting myself into?)

HOW OFTEN TO BLOG (OR…WHAT AM I GETTING MYSELF INTO?) People hesitate before they start a blog. They ask thoughtful questions. Will this become a burden? How often do I have to blog? What if I fall behind? Blogging is … Continue reading

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Elevator Speeches Part 2

Yesterday I heard some great advice about how to stay in the job market. In a video of a seminar by prominent motivational speaker Connie Podesta (, she said, essentially, that you had better be able to tell her, in … Continue reading

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What to Say When Someone is Mad at You

In our society’s currently contentious and downright crude era, the necessity to say or write the words, “I’m sorry,” is increasingly frequent. Sorry for the convoluted sentence structure. But you get my point. Not only that, I proved my point … Continue reading

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Elevator Speeches and Baby Bios

An “elevator speech” is that mini-speech, or “pitch” that you say when whenever someone asks you, “What you do?” It is named that because it needs to be short enough to answer the question when you are on an elevator, … Continue reading

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Acronyms are Here to Stay

Whether I like it or not, abbreviations or acronyms are used online more every day. It’s kind of like a secret code. If you have to ask what it means, you’re obviously not “in the club.” When I asked my … Continue reading

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Warming Up a Cool Medium

Technology is cool, but have you ever noticed how it also is a bit “chilly”? All business owners and professionals are aware of the need to “do social media.” Marketing experts advise urge everyone to amp up their social media … Continue reading

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Heidi Clingen Promotional Video

So excited to be sharing my Promotional Video with you… please leave comments below

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