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     Do you want to write a book, but don’t know where to start? Allwritey Book Coaching will help you build your book, start writing, and stay on track.

     Is your book almost finished? Allwritey Book Polishing will give your book all the care and attention it deserves! On the first read-through, I offer comprehensive comments and suggestions on each page. On the second read-through, I insert edits into the text, for your consideration. For the final polish, just prior to printing, use my professional proofreading service to make sure that every word is perfect.



Gift 1: The perfect book title will help motivate you! If you don’t have your book title, your free gift is…in 30 minutes, together we will create your book title–guaranteed!

Gift 2: The world needs to read what you need to write. If you don’t have the outline for your book….in 30 minutes, together we will create an outline–guaranteed!

Gift 3: Have you ever thought about “mind-mapping” your book? Your book will start to write itself, if you let it…..In 30 minutes, you will learn how to use this valuable writing and thinking tool–guaranteed!

“Heidi Clingen is a first class editor who was really able to push me to dissect the technical parts of my material and rewrite it in a way that the average consumer could easily understand.  Her insight into the organizing and structure of the book made for a fantastic end product.  We are already brainstorming on future projects based on this first book.  I would highly recommend Heidi to any author at any level!”Rhonda Vigeant  author of GET “REEL” ABOUT YOUR HOME MOVIE LEGACY….before it’s too late!

As a first time author, I needed help selecting the best process to create my first book Mathaphobia.  Within one-on-one coaching, Heidi shared the tips for effective copy editing, proofreading and electronic distribution methods to gain a marketable product the first-time through. Heidi provides information that is powerful and highly effective.”–Olympia LePoint, Author of Mathaphobia: How You Can Overcame Your Math Fear and Become a Rocket Scientist

“Heidi Clingen has been instrumental in assisting me with marketing and  promotion for my business management practice.  Her ideas are fresh,  innovative, sensible and practical.  She has a way of getting right to the  heart of the matter and identifying a core strategy around the books I am writing.  I look forward to  working with her further on implementing her ideas and having her polish my books.”Bill Jaaskela, CEO of X6 Management, Inc.
“Heidi teaches me that as a writer I’m never alone, that she is a phone call or text away. Her confidence in my success is complete and she empowers me to expand my goals. Her practical knowledge both of the craft and the entrepreneurial aspect of successful authorship is vast, thorough, and current. If you need help with your book, Heidi will provide it and so much more.” Diana Bloomfield MSc (Master of Science in Management)
Heidi Clingen is very good at what she does, making the book writing process flow easier for writers. Within a few minutes of meeting me she inspired a theme for a book idea I have been contemplating for quite a while. I feel like Heidi has helped me discover the missing pieces to my best seller!” Nikki Smith, PS Style & Grace
“I had been stuck and unable to decide among several options for producing my book.  When I spoke with Heidi in my introductory complimentary session, I realized that I wanted to create a completely integrated book by combining two of my major manuscripts.  I am excited and grateful that now I have a clear course of action.  I know that I will finish my first draft quickly and create a book that honors my commitment to integrity and excellence.” –Sherlyn Pang Luedtke , Success Coach, Speaker/Trainer & Mom,

 “Heidi is a quick study. I had confidence in her suggestions. She grasps your concept and works with you at your pace to help you get through the process and get your book done. Any author who is needs clarity and is committed to getting it done should work with Heidi.”–Marlene Chism, Corporate Trainer

“You are amazing. For the first time I have believed I have the creative capacity to not just write a story, but publish a book worthy of readers. Your professionalism and commitment to greatness would be an asset to any writer. I feel privileged to be working with you and there is not a doubt in my mind that this project would not be happening if I didn’t have your guidance and experience.”–Lori Gabriel Gunther, MS, March of Dimes Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Family Support Specialist  

“Heidi touches everything we do. She edited our website and all the books on our website. Her finance background helped clarifying the content on our financial literacy manuals, including a bankruptcy book that was approved by the U.S. Department of Justice.”–Dennis Dice, founder of OneSource Educational Development Corp.

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