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      Heidi is a graduate of The Grantsmanship Center Institute, Los Angeles, and has completed course study in the Certificate Program in Fund Raising at UCLA. She was Program Coordinator for Entertainment Industries Council, a Hollywood non-profit organization, and has served as a consultant to non-profit organizations.

      She is available to compile internal organizational narratives, an approved, updated description of the entire organization. This vital, in-house “working document” supports responsiveness to grant opportunities. She also coordinates workshops on topics such as Strategic Planning, Brainstorming, and Revision of Mission Statements and Vision Statements.

 “This federal grant was a formidable undertaking. In each of these roles, Ms. Clingen’s work was superb. Ms. Clingen is a team-player who stays focused on getting to the finish line (a quality, completed proposal submitted on-time). She will be a very positive contributor to any grant writing effort.” 

                                                                     –Paul A. Cordiero, Assistant Superintendent, Newhall School District, Valencia, CA

 “Heidi Clingen provided her professional services to The Community College Foundation for the development of a grant proposal for one of our programs. Heidi was a pleasure to work with. She maintained a high level of professionalism, was very insightful and provided valuable information for us in developing our proposal.”

                                            -Sylia Obagi, Vice President, Operations, The Community College Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

“I want to thank you, Heidi, for your professional work in developing the grant proposal. In particular, I wanted to note your excellent writing skills overall, and specifically, I wanted to note that you did a terrific job in using national and local data to set the stage for the need for our project. Many thanks, Heidi, and I hope we will be able to work on other projects in the very near future!”

                                                        –Cheryl Laymon, Executive Director, Samuel Dixon Family Health Center, Newhall, CA

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