Plain Language Consulting

     “Plain language” takes the “un-ese” out of “legalese” and “governmentese” and makes documents more understandable. Legal plain language decreases staff time spent explaining text to clients; decreases potential litigation due to misinterpretation; and increases client trust, enhances reputations, and encourages referrals. Government plain language increases public trust and compliance with regulations, decreases staff time spent explaining text to constituents, and demonstrates agencies’ compliance with mandated plain language requirements.

      Heidi Clingen has been a member of the Center for Plain Language, a member of the Plain Language Association International and has been trained in plain language with the National Institutes of Health and Plain Language Association International. She is available for one-one-coaching sessions in plain language and to conduct plain language workshops for law firms, corporations, and agencies.

“I found your work to be very helpful. I look forward to your magic on (future projects).”

                                                                        —Thom Haller, Executive Director, Center for Plain Language, Washington, D.C.

“Thanks for all your help. It is a better book because of it.”

                                                                    –Samuel K. Freshman, Esq., author, “Principles of Real Estate Syndication”

“Ms. Clingen grasped concepts easily and was a quick study when it came to understanding proposed educational programs and writing about them (turning ‘educationese’ into straight-forward, plain-English language that grant readers greatly appreciate).” 

                                                                –Paul A. Cordiero, Assistant Superintendent, Newhall School District, Valencia, California

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